Quiet your demons

The thing about cancer is that it tries to take over whatever life you’re clinging on to. It invades your mind, body and soul. It’ll shake you to your core and laugh in your face when you least expect it. It’s a cruel tormentor. A tyrant of sorts. We must end it’s reign of terror. […]

Waiting Games

The thing about cancer is that there can be so much waiting. When you are diagnosed with cancer, in that instant, you are at it’s mercy. You wait for tests to be performed. You wait for the results. You wait in doctor’s offices. You wait until it’s time for treatment. You wait to see how […]


The thing about cancer is that many have to go through chemotherapy. How do I approach this topic? It’s nitty gritty. Do I write about my week at John Hopkins? The hour long class on what to expect? Do I talk about the needles and bruising? The nausea and sickness? The mouth sores? The cloudy […]


The thing about cancer is that it becomes the focus of your life. At the beginning I promised myself that it would not be the focus of my life, it would just be a part of it. It worked for a while, but with the constant appointments and the increasing symptoms, it’s starting to take […]


The thing about cancer is that not one word sums it up. I have heard on a few occasions that my writing is poignant. This is very fitting as it is a word that represents cancer itself, on many levels. Poignant: Painfully affecting the feelings, piercing, deeply affecting, touching, designed to make an impression, cutting, […]

Live Fully

The thing about cancer is that you start to see things so clearly. You never know what tomorrow brings. I am here. You are here. It is now that matters. The past is the past, and the future is yet to be determined. It has become so obvious to me that all you need in […]


The thing about cancer is that it could be worse. No matter what you are going through, someone else is going through much worse. Every struggle that someone goes through is very real. Even if it seems mundane, it is not mundane to the person going through it. There is not a scale of easy […]